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About Us

“The Nest" is associated with New Hope Christian Academy.

We believe every child deserves an outstanding education.

Children discover a love for learning long before formal schooling begins. New Hope Education recognizes the great significance of these early years, so great care has gone into choosing the right teachers, caregivers, equipment and curriculum for our precious little ones. The importance of academic and developmental excellence holds true for our littles, as much, even more at times, than for our older students.  At The Nest, beginning with our smallest babies, our educators are trained to promote learning and focusing on the developmental milestones appropriate for each child in our care.  And best of all, we get to love on them and their parents!


Mission Statement of The Nest Daycare and Preschool

The Nest Daycare and Preschool exists to assist parents in the nurturing and development of their child, by providing a safe, loving, exceptional environment. Our desire is to connect children to the love of Christ through nurturing them in a faith-based environment, with loving Christian early educators.  We recognize that each child is uniquely created by God, with individual needs.  We come alongside the parents in fostering each child’s growth and development physically, socially emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.

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